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The Muslimahs Network
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The Muslimahs Network Database

All the information you provide will be added to our databases, there will be one database for Muslim women who are willing to assist new sisters and another database for women new to Islam and women interested in learning more about Islam.

The Muslimahs Network will be in charge of the databases and will be in charge of hooking up the new sister
to sisters in her region or city.

This database will not be available online.

Only The Muslimahs Network coordinator will have access to the database, we will never give out your home address or home number (if provided) to anyone for any reason.

If you are matched up with a sister you will only be given their email address.

We will match up sisters according to what city or region they live in. In'shallah.

Important Information

This service is for sisters only in keeping with the Islamic principles of adab and modesty.

There is no guarantee that if you join the network you will be matched up with a sister, this depends on if there is another sister in your area.

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