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The Muslimahs Network
Our Purpose


Salaamu Alaikum and a warm hello to all that have stumbled upon this page!

This network was started to give support to the newest Muslimahs and to women interested in Islam.

Sadly, its often hard for a new women to Islam to find support from the local community, to find friendship (especially if the local community is heavily cultural)and to find a knowledgable Muslim women to "mentor" her, to answer any and all questions, to give her guidance and help in living as a Muslim women today!

For women that have just begun having interest in Islam and wish to learn more and possibly choose Islam as their spiritual path its often even harder to find any Muslims willing to assist in the learning process.
This is a absolute shame!

This networks goals are to eventually be able to match up a new sister to Islam (or a women beginning her study of dar al-Islam) with a knowledgable Muslim women in her local region or city to learn from and to gain support and friendship from.
God willing.



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